A Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

By 19 January 2021

It is no doubt that online casinos have become a major part of the gambling industry and as a result, there are many entering the scene. Because of this fierce competition, to ensure that they stay relevant, online casinos look for different means to attract new members and retain existing ones. One of the many tactics online casinos employ is through the use of bonuses and promotional offers. For new players, top online casinos offer welcome bonus packages. In some cases, the welcome bonus is offered after you successfully make your first deposit while some can even go as far as the second and third deposits. Depending on the online casino you choose, the welcome bonus varies. Check out http://www.onlinecasino-southafrica.org for more information if you will like to see a list of top online casinos with the bonuses they offer.

  • Welcome bonuses are used to attract new players
  • Existing players also get to enjoy recurrent rewards and offers.

At most online casinos, it does not just stop at welcome bonuses. Once you have enjoyed all the offered welcome bonuses, you will then start to enjoy a series of recurrent rewards. These bonuses are offered based on different factors such as activities, festive period, weekends, birthdays and so on. So, depending on the online casino you choose to join, you will get one or more of these types of recurrent bonuses. Some of the offers are in cash bonus, free spins, tournament invitations and so on. In some cases, you will receive emails from the casino inviting you to login into your player account so that you can claim your bonus. You can visit http://www.carletoncgc.com/ to find a host of online casinos that are certain to offer you a series of impressive bonuses.

Online casino bonuses come in different forms apart from the welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards there are sticky bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback rewards, referral bonuses and so on. To activate any of these bonuses is completely dependent on the online casino you choose to join as the bonuses come with different kinds of terms and conditions required to be fulfilled. In some cases, you might need to make use of bonus promo codes to activate the bonus while some doesn't require any form of code to be provided. To understand how the bonuses work, you need to visit the casino's bonus terms and conditions section and ensure to read everything carefully and thoroughly. This is because different things are associated with each bonus that you need to know before you can win with the bonuses you have just received.

  1. No deposit bonuses do not require you to deposit any money before you can activate the bonus
  2. Referral bonuses are received when you invite a friend to join the casino
  3. A sticky bonus is when your cash bonus sticks with your deposit.

Apart from the standard bonuses offered, some top online casinos still go further to present bonuses and reward packages to VIP and high rollers. So, if you can become a VIP member or a high roller, you should expect a wide range of exclusive bonuses that standard players won't enjoy. Some of these bonuses include free plays, special holiday rewards, double stake, double deposit balance and many more. Although it is completely dependent on the casino you choose to play your favourite games at, the bonuses are most likely recurrent. This means that it can come weekly, monthly, or even daily. It can be a cash bonus on your first deposit of the day or your first three deposit of the week. Sometimes it is a percentage of your stakes such as 50%, 30% and so on. So, if you want to deposit $100, only $50 might be charged from your account.

With many new online casinos coming to the scene, players are at the receiving end of massive bonuses and exciting rewards. For a long time bonuses have been a big part of online casinos and it is one of the greatest tactics casino's use to lure players. So, before you go ahead to choose an online casino, it is best to take a look at their bonus list to see if it suits your needs. And, if you are planning to stay for long, make sure you look through the loyalty rewards and promotional offers to ensure that you keep benefiting as you play at the casino. On a final note, there are also exclusive bonuses reserved for only special games. For this reason, you need to confirm if these special bonuses are reserved for your favourite casino games.